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Enplug ScreenSaver

Put stunning digital signage content in front of your remote employees - whether they’re working from home, on the road, or in the office.

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Transform employee computer screens into a powerful communications channel

Now more than ever, managing remote employees is critical to success. But the reality of working from home without face-to-face interaction can be challenging. That's why managers are turning to new tools like the Enplug ScreenSaver to keep employees connected and engaged.

What's a corporate screensaver?

Corporate screensavers display graphics, video, text and live content when users aren’t actively entering information on their devices. By reaching employees without interrupting their workflow, screensavers can improve remote employee communications.

How is the Enplug ScreenSaver better?

Our ScreenSaver is built on the same technology trusted by the world's leading businesses for enterprise-class digital signage. With powerful features, it delivers eye-catching targeted communications to employees’ home computer screens - and it’s incredibly easy to use.

Download ScreenSaver for PC or Mac

Go to your computer’s ScreenSaver settings and select Enplug.

Add your company’s Content
URL into the ScreenSaver setting
and you’re all set!

Powerful tools for remote team communications

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Targeted messaging

Display Groups make it easy to copy & share customized content to employees in different departments & regions.
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Easy setup

Download the Enplug ScreenSaver for Mac & PC operating systems. No IT team needed for employees to install.
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Dynamic & automated content

Get the #1 App Market for free content that's customizable & updates instantly from weather, location, or other data.
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Flexible collaboration

Give team members permissions to edit & deploy content. Custom user roles let you limit or provide access in a click.
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Intuitive scheduling

Use our drag-and-drop playlist to change what's playing and for how long. Takeover screens with priority content.
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Enterprise-class security

Get the peace of mind that comes with the same level of security as financial institutions.

Boost the impact of your internal communications

Reach your remote employees wherever and whenever they’re working

Even when your employees are on the clock, there’s a lot of time when their computer screens go dark. But the Enplug ScreenSaver transforms blank screens into eye-catching corporate messaging that employees see when they start their day, return from a break, jump on a call and more.

Share corporate content that’s always up-to-date and relevant for remote workers

It’s proven that workplace communications need to be shared consistently across multiple channels in order for employees to get the message. Screensavers boost the power of your existing strategy and also provide a unique set of advantages that make it easier to capture the attention of employees working from home in the first place.

  • Share visual messaging that’s more dynamic and interesting
  • Revise and update your content more quickly
  • Share the latest news and  information automatically
  • Reach employees when they’re most receptive to messaging
  • Recapture attention when employees become distracted

How Enplug ScreenSaver maximizes the benefits of  remote work

Create a better employee work from home experience

Remote employee satisfaction and productivity depends on timely access to the right tools and information. The majority of U.S. employees feel stressed because of ineffectual corporate communication and produce low quality work as a result. But digital signage makes internal communications more effective by accelerating the delivery of information and improving recall. With Enplug ScreenSaver, employees who telecommute receive information that’s relevant and up-to-date - so they’re connected to your company and its goals.

  • Update communications in an instant and revise them on demand.
  • Automatically refresh content based on date, time of day, weather and more.
  • Filter content from sources like Slack and Twitter to highlight the most important messages

Increase corporate compliance with priority messaging

Cut through the noise of cluttered internal communication channels to protect your business. With Enplug ScreenSaver, you can deliver important notifications and reminders like enrollment dates and cybersecurity requirements to your remote employees in an instant.  

  • Use priority play to push critical workplace messages even if other content is scheduled
  • Automatically trigger reminders based on date, location or other criteria
  • Display a countdown clock to remind employees of time left to a deadline

Improve loyalty and motivation with interactive & engaging communications

When working from home, employees can feel isolated from their coworkers and disconnected from the organization as a whole. With a digital signage screensaver, you can build connections between colleagues, departments and locations with customized content.

  • Share important progress updates directly from the CEO
  • Curate employee generated content from Slack, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • Use branded templates to highlight employee recognition and anniversaries

Compelling content targeted to your workforce

The Enplug App Market gives you access to tons of free and automated content options. Keep remote employees informed and engaged with new feeds, event announcements, social content, employee recognition and more.

Employee recognition

Business and industry news

Important health information

Countdown to important events

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Contact our sales team and discover how Enplug's electronic signage software can help your company deliver its most important communications for better employee and customer engagement.