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Frequently Asked Questions

• What is Enplug?

Enplug digital signage software is the easiest way to put digital content onto any display(s). From your account dashboard you can browse our collection of apps including Live Social Wall, Images & Video, Waitlist, News and more to customize your display with. Any changes you make are instantly updated to your display.Enplug Display is perfect for events, businesses, offices, franchises, and even personal use.

• How do I get started with Enplug?

The easiest way to start with Enplug is to check out our pricing packages, choose the one that fits your business, and sign up.

Each plan comes with a designated number of display licences and free devices. You can purchase additional devices online. Once you receive your device it's easy as plugging it into any TV, projector, or other display via HDMI!

If you have questions, request more information or call us at 855-536-7584.

• What comes in the Device Kit?

1- Enplug Device:  This is the media player that will power your screens.
2- Power Adapter:  This provides the juice needed to run your Enplug Device. USA style plug.
3- HDMI cable:  This connects your Enplug Device to your display.
4- USB WiFi Antenna:  This allows you to connect your Enplug Device to your WiFi network.
5- Keyboard:  This is used as a remote to connect the Enplug Device to your WiFi network (1 free per customer).

Learn more about setting up an Enplug Device.

• When should I purchase an Enplug device?

Enplug devices are the easiest and most reliable way to put any digital content on any display. You should purchase a device anytime you need a permanent display solution.

• Is Enplug compatible with all displays?

Absolutely. No matter the size, our device easily connects to any HD screen with HDMI input. Engage your audience with TVs, projectors, and even jumbotrons.

• How much does Enplug cost?

Our pricing is based on the number of displays you want to use, and the price per license decreases as you add more displays. We have discounts for annual plans. You can find more information about pricing here.

• Is there a free plan, or are there any special rates?

There's no free plan for Enplug, sorry! There are bulk discounts available starting at 100 displays. Contact [email protected] to inquire about bulk discounts.

• How can I pay for Enplug?

We accept all major credit cards for Monthly payments, and we accept credit card, check, or wire transfer for Annual payments.

• Does Enplug have a warranty?

Yes, Enplug has your back with our 1 Year Limited Warranty on Enplug Devices.

For your first year as an Enplug customer, you have protection from defects in your device, Wi-Fi antenna, and software. Enplug is not responsible for stolen, lost, physically damaged, or destroyed hardware.

• Is Enplug available in other languages?

Yes! Enplug is available in: Russian, Portuguese, Czech, Slovak, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Polish, and Japanese. More languages are coming.

• Is there an API or developer program?

Yes! All of our apps are built using a next-generation public computing software development kit (SDK).

If you're a developer interested in developing apps for displays using the Enplug software platform, please contact [email protected]. Our developer program is currently in private beta, and we're accepting new developers.

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